Overnight Boarding

We offer Day & Overnight Boarding

Overnight Dog Boarding in Lyndonville, VT

KCC Offers Overnight & Day Boarding for Dogs

It is finally here! It has been a dream of Deanna's for a very long time and finally the opportunity presented itself. KCC offers overnight and day boardingfor your dog at our Lyndonville, Vermont boarding facility. We are proud to be able to take care of your best friend and ensure their safety as well. 

Our favorite part is your pet is never alone. Deanna lives right here, in the same building! This was a must, as we could never leave our pets somewhere they would be alone all night. Our Kennels are inside and heated. We let them out periodically during the day either with each other to play or if they want to be alone that's fine too. :)

We also have an indoor play area for those really cold Vermont days. So no matter the weather your pet will get to stretch their legs, get belly rubs, play ball, wrestle or just hang out.
​ Call today for details!

Hours for Drop Off and Pick Up Times:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday : 9am - 4pm
Tuesday, Thursday : 7:30am - 5pm
Saturday, Sunday : 8am - 10am AND 3pm - 5pm (by appointment only)

Things to Know Before Bringing Your Pet:

  1.  All dogs must be up to date on their Rabies, Distemper, and Kennel Cough vaccinations. They must also be free of fleas and other parasites. (please note: The Kennel Cough vaccination is one you must ask your vet for.)
  2.  Please bring in a copy of these vaccinations for us to see.
  3. We highly recommend that you bring your own food because changing your dogs diet can cause stomach upset. If you do not bring food we will provide some for an extra $3 per day. 
  4.  We have bedding available but you are more than welcome to bring your own to make your pet feel more comfortable.
  5. You may also bring any toys or treats that could make your pets stay more enjoyable.
  6. We will also have you fill out a short form asking questions about your pet as well as contact information. (This will later be available on the site)

Boarding Prices:

$22 for 1 dog/day
$40 for 2 dogs/day
$58 for 3 dogs/day
$76 for 4 dogs/day

These price are for dogs sharing a kennel, if family of dogs require separate kennels please let us know.
This is equal to $2 off each additional dog. This discount is ONLY if your dogs can share a kennel space.

For example If you drop your dog off before NOON and pick up after NOON the following day, you will be charged for 2 FULL days, if you pick up your dog before NOON the following day you will be charged 1 full day and 1 half day.

** Holiday Rates **

 We book up very fast for Holiday weekends! 
Holiday Rates : $25 a day
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